Need a tantalizing tweet? Some clickworthy Facebook ads? An Instagram pic that'll get your followers double-clicking so fast their fingers will cramp? Whatever your social media needs, I can help.

Increased Facebook fan count by 3,320 via ads on a budget of $900 (27¢ CPC)
Boosted Facebook and Twitter engagement with email list-building giveaways, discounts, and daily text and photo posts
Drove traffic and sales by creating a Pinterest account and uploading products to various boards
Raised awareness by blogging on Tumblr


Increased Facebook fan count by 377 via ads on a budget of $175 (46¢ CPC)
Developed and maintained an email-entry giveaway to grow email list


Increased Facebook fan count by 99 via ads on a budget of $25 (25¢ CPC)
Boosted engagement with weekly trivia questions and event announcements


Increased Facebook fan count by 123 via ads on a budget of $50 (41¢ CPC)
Boosted engagement with event and promotion announcements, health tips, and recipes

View a PDF of my Social Media Portfolio here.